Max, an American spy, arrives in Berlin hoping to reconnect with his estranged daughter Reeny, but his loyalties are tested when he discovers she too is playing the spy game.

  • Debut Feature Production

Max, a long-serving CIA agent, arrives in Berlin on a double mission. Assigned to kill Jane, a former sparring partner from the Cold War days, he also hopes to reconnect with his estranged daughter, Reeny. Following their divorce fifteen years ago, Max’s ex-wife had relocated Germany. With her recent death, he now sees an opportunity for a rapprochement with his daughter. Worryingly, he has also discovered that the CIA is covertly tracking his daughter and her theatre troupe without informing him.

Though deaf and dumb from birth, Reeny has become a cabaret performer. Introduced to her bohemian lifestyle, and her photographer boyfriend Marco, a tentative relationship re-forms between Max and Reeny. Suspecting Marco is the reason for his agency’s surveillance, Max makes a deal with Jane: He foregoes his assassination assignment, and in exchange Jane gives information that reveals Reeny to be a Russian spy.

Faced with a devastating choice between daughter and country, Max hatches a plan that attempts to protect both. But his every play is met by a perfect counter-play. Falling through layers of espionage seemingly pre-designed to ensnare him, Max is driven to increasingly extreme and murderous actions.
To the accompaniment of a musical voice that punctuates the days, and speaks through some of the characters, a father’s love and its fractious history must learn the lessons of the spy game. As the roles of hunter and hunted become clearer, Max must ultimately decide where his allegiances lie. And whom, if anyone, he’s prepared to trust.



Joshan Esfandiari Martin
Joshan Esfandiari Martin
Sabine Feuerbach, Nick Hudson

Rutger Hauer
Genevieve Barr
Milton Welsh