Born to Skate

A road-movie documentary about two friends on a journey to retrieve the roots of their passion - skateboarding.

  • 2009
Born to Skate

BORN TO SKATE tells the story of the two skateboarders Sebastian und Chris and a big trip they are going on together. Sebastian tries to retrieve his first big love - skateboarding - a passion he had to give up after a severe injury. Together with his friend Chris, he sets forth on a journey to the roots of his passion. Chris introduces Sebastian to some of the best skateboarders and helps him to not only overcome his trauma but also to regain this old feeling of freedom and light-heartedness before it will be too late. Because after this trip everyday working life will come knocking on Sebastian's door.

Ingo Bremmes
Andrew James Burnett
Chris Heck


Sebastian Linda and Chris Heck


Nicolas Grupe, Jörg Schulze, Frank Evers (cine plus Filmproduktion), Sebastian Linda (Fluchtpunkt Filmproduktion), Christopher Heck (Skwirral Media), Britta Schewe (gretegrote)

Supported by

Hessische Filmförderung