There is only one way to know what cracking the lottery jackpot is like, and that is to win it!

  • 2013

Dreaming of that big win is part of the fun. Will it be ponies for all your friends? A gold-plated helicopter covered in diamonds? A holiday home by the Baltic? Freeing a dear friend from a job they hate? But there are all the downsides too, starting with whom you tell, or not. Then all those begging letters. What is suddenly a good cause and what not? If you decide to keep it a secret, how best to stop it leaking out? Especially if there is suddenly a new Ferrari in the driveway and you take some extra holiday and return with a very fashionable tan. Oh yes, and you give up your job too! Perhaps moving to somewhere new would help, where nobody knows your name and face. But what about the people and life you have left behind? Put it this way, if somebody you know is suddenly €22 million better off, would you shake their hand and congratulate them?

This is the situation and these are the questions suddenly facing Torsten (end 30s), who was not looking for anything special, just a guy who bought a lottery ticket to keep the peace with his enthusiastic lottery-playing colleagues at work. He might have been hoping to win the jackpot, deep down, but he was not expecting to.

As always, the questions thrown up are also answered by more than one person. It might be Torsten’s ticket, but his wife Susanne has already decided where the money is going. His son Lutz has as well. Winning is the bombshell but now comes the collateral damage as Torsten’s orderly world is torn apart and he has to ask the most important question: who is he really?

Andreas Döhler
Carola Sigg
Levin Henning
Godehard Giese
Annika Ernst


Fabian Möhrke


Fabian Möhrke

Director of Photography

Marco Armborst


Maxim Juretzka, Jost Hering (BuntFilm)


Frank Evers, Helge Neubronner, Andreas Eicher (cine plus Filmproduktion)


ZDF — Das kleine Fernsehspiel


Milena Bonse